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Small Town Living

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Why are so many people leaving the city? Has Covid really changed where people want to live? We live outside the city on an acreage, and it has been amazing living outside of the city. I love the space, the quiet and the sense of community. I have lived most of my life in the suburbs (actually the lower mainland, BC), and never thought I would leave. I love the city, people and excitement. Yet, I dreamed of marrying a cowboy as a child, not realizing I would actually marry a small town Albertan.

I wont lie, it has been an adjustment for this city girl, but I would not change it. As I type this blog my 3 children are running around outside in my yard. I joke that my children are just as free range as my chickens and it is true.

My husband and I wanted our kids to grow up with space to explore, to know where their food comes from, and have deep meaningful relationships. Small town living brings all these ideals into fruition, and I think Covid has made many people realize how important these things are.

So what is so great about Black Diamond and Turner Valley? (We live close to these towns, my husband works in town, my in-laws live in town and we use to live in Turner Valley. We spend a lot of time in town and contemplate moving back into town frequently for convenience).

  • Its a close knit community, you get to know your neighbours.

  • Less traffic!

  • Less crime! It's safe for your children to be out in the streets playing.

  • Smaller class size in schools. Which allows for more opportunities to play on the basketball team or write for the school paper.

  • Cleaner and fresher air

  • Traditional values

  • Less people = more space!

  • Higher quality of life

  • Amenities close by -including amazing restaurants, stores and groceries all in town!

  • Lower cost of living

  • Close to the mountains, its a quick escape to Kananaskis (only a 15 min drive).

  • Local Hospital in town (and doctors offices)

  • Outdoor pool and library

  • Hockey (indoor and outdoor rinks)

  • Curling club

  • The Legion is very involved in the community

  • Bike and exercise park

  • Community gardens

  • Turner Valley Golf course- has an amazing restaurant, and world class golfing. They also offer classes and discounts for families.

  • Many local sports!

  • Walking paths around town and adjoining both communities

  • Some of the lots are like acreage living with the convenience of town and amenities close by.

Honestly there are so many things, I feel like I can keep going. I plan to post more on some of the local attractions and restaurants that we frequent.

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